Why Outsource?

How will outsourcing help my business?

As a business owner, every expense requires justification. So, why would you outsource anything that you can do yourself?

An ability to perform a task doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be outsourced. Some questions I’d invite you to ask yourself:

  • Is book-keeping simply something you know you must do (however much you don’t want to?
  • Do you often find (or look for!😉) more important things to do than your monthly accounts?
  • Do you have more numbers and data than you know what to do with?
  • Does your ‘to do’ list often contain more admin based tasks than you’re comfortable with?
  • Would your skills be better used elsewhere if you could free up some admin time?

For many business owners the answer to most (likely, all) of these questions is ‘Yes’.

Outsourcing is a smart way of addressing these issues. With so much of accounting software now online, it’s also really easy to set up using online communication from the start. And, as a lovely add on, this will lead to a reduction in your paper usage (and wastage) saving your business money whilst helping the environment.

Some of the differences between Do It Yourself bookkeeping and Outsourcing your bookkeeping:

  • You learn the art of accounting
  • You spend too much time on something you don’t need to
  • You juggle bookkeeping with your ‘actual’ job
  • You’re not focussing on your zone of genius
  • It adds stress to your working life
  • You have an expert on hand when you need them
  • You win back some of your precious time
  • You reduce stress
  • You grow your business by focussing where you are best used

Once you’ve decided to lighten your load and outsource some (or all) of your bookkeeping admin, why not book a chat with me to see how I can help you. Whether it is a one-off project to tidy up your records, or ongoing assistance on a monthly basis, I’ll be able to offer you a package that suits your needs.

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