Living and Working in Beautiful Cornwall

Making the decision to start The Numbers Assistant was largely lead by the desire to be able to enjoy where I live and have a healthy work / life balance. So I’m sharing how I meld work with my surroundings in the beautiful county of Cornwall.

Never miss an opportunity to see the sea

Polzeath beach, Cornwall

I had to drop some finished accounts off to a client near Polzeath; that shouts take a break and some fresh sea air to me!

Popped myself down on the beach for 30 minutes just because I could. You see, that’s where my work – life balance now comes into play.

I can take an hour out of my day to appreciate what’s around me knowing that I can hit my to-do list later in the day, or in the evening, or even tomorrow.

And the benefits of taking those 30 minutes to reset, to breathe and to enjoy my surroundings far outweigh what I could’ve achieved by rushing back to my desk.

Take that lunch break every day

Gone are the days of a quick sandwich in front of the computer at my desk. How many of us are guilty of this?

Working as The Numbers Assistant means getting outside every day, whatever the weather.

A short walk from my desk and I’m out in Killivose, in the rural countryside.

Killivose, Cornwall

A little bit of movement part way through the day is such an energiser for me. Walking away from the screen and allowing my brain to relax for an hour really helps me focus through the afternoon.

Do what makes you happy

River Fowey, Cornwall

Paddleboarding is my passion. Living in Cornwall offers me a host of options to get out on the board.

Before The Numbers Assistant, the weather, tides and work commitments meant I wasn’t getting out on the water as much as I wanted to.

Now I have the flexibility to grab the laptop, set up in a coffee shop by the River Fowey and do some work before getting onto the paddleboard and enjoying what I love.

Being on the water reminds me how lucky I am to live in Cornwall, to be able to get out and enjoy my surroundings. How can this do anything other than support my mental and physical wellbeing?

I plan my diary and get my deadlines met without my life being determined by work. It has been a game changer for me. And as The Numbers Assistant grows it’s an ethos I will be sharing with colleagues.

I’d love to work more with companies with a similar ethos. If this sounds like you, why not drop me a message to see how we can work together.

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