It’s January: I’m Not Missing In Action (Promise)!


Stick with me, you’ll want to reach the end of this blog for a little bit of January joy!


It’s January, the longest month of the year apparently – not for an outsourced bookkeeper! You would be forgiven for thinking I’m missing in action but I promise that I’m not. I’m buried deep in tax returns that are due by the end of this month.

From the moment the much needed Christmas break is over (mine was wonderful, thank you, and I hope yours was too), the tax return work goes crazy.

It’s a promise all self-employed people make to themselves every year; I WILL do my tax returns before deadline month. Hands up those self-employed people who push this task to the bottom of the list because ‘there’s still time’? And of course, the time ticks by and, well, here we are!

Top Tips

Each year I give some clients my top tips for being more prepared for their personal tax returns. A few simple processes that takes away the additional stress in January.

  • Have a full list of income that you update weekly
  • Keep those receipts and file them weekly
  • Organise your bank accounts to keep business and personal money separate
  • Remember to be prepared! You can file those taxes anytime after April.

TOP TIP: Use a bookkeeper for a small amount of time monthly instead of trying to squeeze time in with one in January when we’re all trying to help you file those last minute tax returns

If you want to be prepared for next year and fancy a chat about how I can help, why not drop me a message and I’ll give you a call.

So, as we come past the mid-point of the month, the majority of the returns are filed and I start to remember that there is a world outside of the HMRC website. So here I am once again, blogging away in my happy place. It’s good to be back!

As promised at the start of this blog, here is my little bit of January joy to share with you all…

Please welcome the two new members of The Numbers Assistant team! Meet Chester and Buddy who are working way here in the office with me daily. They don’t ask for much other than a belly rub, the odd puppy treat and some time away from the desk at lunchtime!

Keep an eye out for them making star appearances in upcoming blogs and pictures.

Chester and Buddy

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